Common WordPress Mistakes

WordPress is the most useful and helpful tool for any web developer out there. Even though it is very easy to use sometimes we make a few mistakes due to our ignorance. Here are some common WordPress mistakes which you need to avoid in order to fully take advantage of it. 1. Ignorance of WordPress […]


WordPress Themes – How Important is Browser Compatibility

There surprisingly ceases to be a universal language that everybody in the world understands and uses. Almost equally surprising is the fact that there also fails to be a universal browser for people to use an enjoy. Although surprising, neither of these things will ever change, and that doesn’t tend to come up as an […]


What Are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

There’s no question that if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, you are putting yourself at a major competitive disadvantage. Why is this? Because when done correctly, there is virtually nothing that can match the amazing advantages that come with an email marketing campaign. First, there’s the obvious benefit that mass mailings cost postage, […]


Boost Your Site’s Ranking By Making It Responsive

Any website creator should know that their business is only as strong as their website. But how many of these site creators realize that their website is only as strong as its rank in a Google Search? Not as many as there should be. All site creators should be aware of the strength Google has […]


Advantages of Hiring a Freelance WordPress Designer

Correct me if am wrong; the main reason for starting your blog was to inform your targeted audience or better yet enable them to see things from your perspective. Unfortunately, the only way to make this happen is by directing traffic to your blog and ensuring you keep them captivated enough to stay for the […]


Importance of Building An Email List

If you are trying to sell a product online, you have, no doubt, come to understand the importance of an email list of prospective customers. This is the first type of email list and is an important part of success on the Internet. In fact, many will argue it is the most important part of […]


Free Web Hosting: Some Advantages

While discussing free web hosting, one thing to be kept in mind is that it is explicitly “free”. Thus, there is no point fretting over why you aren’t offered enough space, why there are too many ads, why the low bandwidth et al. You know that if you are serious about your web venture then […]


Top 3 Ways to Create an Article Directory With WordPress

Do you want to create an article directory site that is profitable and easy to manage? If yes then using WordPress might be a good idea. This CMS is incredibly easy-to-use, highly customizable and has a very SE friendly structure. In this article we will have a look at some easy ways to transform a […]


How to Get More Twitter Followers

Using social media sites one can get tons of free, high quality traffic. That is why almost every internet business has a Twitter and Facebook account. If you want to make money on the internet then you should try to get more followers. This is easier said than done because there are millions of Twitter […]


4 Things that Can Take Your Website to a Whole New Level

Blog sites were invented so that regular people could express themselves on the web but nowadays blogging is considered as a business. To profit from a blog, a person must come up with a strong business plan and make some good investments. It’s the best way to generate reasonable profits in a short amount of […]