Boost Your Site’s Ranking By Making It Responsive

Any website creator should know that their business is only as strong as their website. But how many of these site creators realize that their website is only as strong as its rank in a Google Search? Not as many as there should be. All site creators should be aware of the strength Google has to make or break their website. The world today is filled with people who have the ability to keep the entire world is their pockets. Everything we’ve ever wanted to know or see is just a click away. This is phenomenal news for site viewers, but what about for site creators? How visible is your part of the internet to the people who keep the world in their pockets?

Up until very recently, Google’s search results were close to the exact same regardless of the device being used to perform the search. However, about a month ago, Google’s mobile algorithm underwent a drastic change. Thanks to this recent update, Google searches performed on a cell phone will now produce a ton of mobile-friendly results and bump mobile-unfriendly pages straight out of the ranks. This is fantastic news for site viewers, but it can be bad news for site owners if they have failed to made their website mobile-friendly.

Coming up in search results isn’t the only reason to update website. However, It is definitely the most important. Another good reason to update to mobile-friendly is ease of use. Websites will quickly lose fans if it’s a pain to read a paragraph or view a photo. Nobody wants to constantly scroll and swipe just to read a sentence or see a snapshot. It’s aggravating, and aggravation doesn’t make for good business. The best thing you could possibly do is update your site, and update it right away. Your fans and rank are sure to thank you.