Common WordPress Mistakes

WordPress is the most useful and helpful tool for any web developer out there. Even though it is very easy to use sometimes we make a few mistakes due to our ignorance. Here are some common WordPress mistakes which you need to avoid in order to fully take advantage of it.

1. Ignorance of WordPress Updates

WordPress keeps upgrading. This makes it necessary for every user to keep updating his version when updates are made available. Checking and installing these updates should be very easy. The aim of updating is to make the website safer and better to work on. Hackers normally target Non-updated versions of WordPress. It is, however, good to have backups as you update.

2. Not having WordPress Backup

Many people forget to create WordPress Backup until they are in a situation where they realize that only a backup can help them out. It is advisable to create a backup to avoid such incidences. There are three options for backup to choose from: BackupBuddy, VaultPress, BackWPup. BackWPup is free while the other two are paid for.

3. Having Too Many Categories

Since WordPress has made it very easy to create categories. Many people use this and end up with a lot of categories for each of their stories. Having a proper structure of your site is important and is better than too many categories.

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