Free Web Hosting: Some Advantages

While discussing free web hosting, one thing to be kept in mind is that it is explicitly “free”. Thus, there is no point fretting over why you aren’t offered enough space, why there are too many ads, why the low bandwidth et al. You know that if you are serious about your web venture then paid hosting is the only way for you. However, free hosting does have a good thing or two which we very often forget, and this article is meant to highlight those very features.

A very popular thing of today’s web world happens to be “affiliate marketing”. Loads of people turn to it for an extra supply of cash, and some even do it exclusively for their livelihood. While affiliate marketing is certainly a solution to your product promotion blues, it does not come cheap if you have several products on the list. An average product promotion package costs $5 to $6 a month, or $72 a year. If an affiliate marketer sells 20 products, then the total cost amounts to $1440!

While fifteen hundred odd dollars is no big deal for a successful entrepreneur, it has to be noted that not all of us are successful. If yours is a developing company and the idea of spending three digit sums of money on product promotion alone sounds like an investment you’d rather go without, then maybe the alternative you’ll find in the forthcoming paragraphs a way better way to flaunt your wares over the web! Here it comes –

All you have to do is click your way into an internet domain registrar website (like go daddy) and buy your website a domain name, which optimally costs only around $8 a year. Then go to a decent free web hosting client like word press and get going! Sure, you’ll get limited bandwidth and limited web space. Bandwidths provided typically range from 2GB to 5GB. Now, a GB of bandwidth supports roughly six hundred visitors a month. Thus 5GB means 2500 visitors! Think it over, if your site is huge enough to take as much bandwidth as five whole gigabytes, then you probably DO have enough revenue in your pocket to buy yourself a paid “shared” web hosting package, don’t you?

However, a question might arise: what if this free web hosting idea clicks, you get a few hundred bucks in your pocket, use it to expand your business and end up with higher space and bandwidth requirements that your free package does not sustain? Won’t you end up overloaded? The answer is yes, you would. This encompasses a major downside of this plan. The only known solution to the problem then would be to shift to a paid web hosting service which isn’t difficult if your free host also has a scope for shifting to paid without going through the trouble of manual host shifts.

That said, we come to the conclusion that free hosting can still come to your aid provided you are creative in your ways. It may have several disadvantages, but hey, its free! And it’s getting you money!