How to Get More Twitter Followers

Using social media sites one can get tons of free, high quality traffic. That is why almost every internet business has a Twitter and Facebook account. If you want to make money on the internet then you should try to get more followers. This is easier said than done because there are millions of Twitter accounts and all of them are competing for traffic. Fortunately there are many third party services and tools that can help you get followers for free.

In this article I will share some easy ways to promote your Twitter account:

Twitter directories

For maximum exposure you should submit your account to as many directories as possible. Common web directories don’t accept Twitter pages but there are many special ones that do. You can find dozens of such sites with a simple Google search. If you don’t have time for submissions then you should hire a freelancer from oDesk or

Use social exchange services

These services provide a simple way to get more followers. The basic concept is simple: you follow other people to earn credits and use these credits to get followers. My favorite exchange service is because it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can easily find like-minded people.

Drive traffic to your page

You should handle your Twitter account just like any other website. The more traffic your page gets, the more followers you will have. You can get free traffic from search engines, forums and directories. Also you should ask your blog readers to follow you.

Using these tips you can increase your Twitter following and reap the real advantages of social media promotion.