WordPress Themes – How Important is Browser Compatibility

There surprisingly ceases to be a universal language that everybody in the world understands and uses. Almost equally surprising is the fact that there also fails to be a universal browser for people to use an enjoy. Although surprising, neither of these things will ever change, and that doesn’t tend to come up as an issue in everyday life. What can end up being an issue is the WordPress theme you choose for your website. If you decide on a theme that isn’t best viewed in all of the major browsers, you’re going to have a few issues on your hands. Everybody is different, and there are many different browsers to be used. If you choose a WordPress theme that only allows your website to be best viewed in one or two of them, you’re going to exclude a lot of people. Exclusion isn’t helpful to anybody, and it can completely wreck your success and fanbase. Choosing a theme that excludes certain internet browsers is basically setting yourself up for failure from the very beginning.

A WordPress theme that provides an absolutely wonderful and beautiful experience for people viewing your website on one browser, but an aggravating and ugly experience for people viewing your website on another, is not the WordPress theme that you should be choosing. With an almost infinite amount of themes that are cross-browser compatible, there’s no reason to be choosing one that isn’t. Why wouldn’t you want everybody to enjoy your website instead of just a select few? If you don’t let everybody easily access your website, you can’t be surprised when everybody doesn’t easily love it. So, choose a theme that’s cross-browser compatible and show everybody what you’ve got.